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Okay, I am just going to write a relatively short blog post about the thing that REALLY annoys me about American society, and that is: IT’S STRONG EMPHASIS ON AGE. If you are an American, you should know what I mean. America uses age to measure a lot of different aspects, whether it be success or beauty. Age is incredibly important to America as a society, and youth and being young is held as the ideal. As soon as someone ages, it becomes atrocious, they are faced with many different slanders and instinctively develop many insecurities.   America dons a completely negative perspective on aging, throwing out incorrect beliefs that many people begin to accept as true. Our country also sets a milestone age for pretty much everything, like for when  a person is to go to college, get a job, find a mate, have kids, and be successful within a particular field. If a person passes that certain age milestone, then supposedly the possibility of achieving a particular goal is completely shot. For example, if a person fails to get married at the common ideal age (let’s say, 28), then suddenly they are considered, by American standards, a bit of a failure, viewed as a bit strange, and more likely to not find love and thus remain single for the rest of their life.

Not only is such a belief erroneous, but it is also sickening. VERY sickening. I cannot help but wonder: When did we become this way? Why are we this way? Can we change? What must we do to change? I feel that people didn’t always value age as much as we do now-something must have happened that really blew our priorities out of proportion. What was it?

Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward. Media Credit: Google Images

Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward. Media Credit: Google Images

*This may seem like a random picture, but it shows the two people who I cannot help but really admire. These two were very famous actors in Hollywood during the 1950’s, an era where they were young, beautiful, and free-spirited. But as they both aged, none of these positive aspects seemed to fade-they did not seem to be much bothered by their aging, and continued to glow with their sense of optimism and zest for life. Although their acting careers seemed to wane, they just focused on other things, which gave them a sense of meaning and happiness (Paul in particular began to take up NASCAR racing, and began a long line of charity work that continues to this day.) They hardly even seemed to notice that they were no longer “young”, and to my eyes, they seemed more beautiful, happy and accomplished in their older years than in their younger days.*



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