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I really do think that job interviews can be one of the scariest situations a person can ever be in. You are basically offering yourself to heavy critiquing, where a person judges your worth and potential based from your skills, attitude, appearance, and  experience, and this can either result in a “Congratulations! You got the job!”, or an e-mail that says: “I am regret to inform you that the position has been filled.” No pressure or anything, right?

It is a process that is very anxiety-inducing, yet it is something that we all need to go through at some point in our lives, especially if we want to make a living in some way. My good friend had two job interviews early this morning, and of course, she felt very nervous and scared in the hours leading up to them. As I comforted her, with the common assurances such as: “You’ll do great!” and “Just be yourself-they’ll love you!” it got me thinking: What really are the worst things that could happen at a job interview? What are we so afraid of?

So I compiled a potential list, based on my experiences and my fears. I hope it is relevant and relatable! Please keep in mind I am not a professional, just a fellow citizen who has had some experience with job interviews, and knows how scary it can be!

Media Credit: Google Images

Media Credit: Google Images



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