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You have probably been in the undesirable situation at some point in your life. The moment where you must converse with one who hasn’t a clue on how to socialize or initiate a proper conversation. This situation often involves this person blabbing on about nothing in particular, while you look on in disbelief and inside you secretly wish to escape from their awkwardness. Yet you can’t, and you try to smile as they continue to struggle in trying to keep a conversation afloat. But then ultimately the worst moment arrives, and that is when they tell a joke in hopes of making you laugh. And it is a bad joke. A VERY bad joke. The type of joke so cheesy that it could have derived from the end of a Popsicle stick, and thus it fails to make you laugh. You can even hardly even find the strength to smile out of politeness. What you really want to do is glare at them, grit your teeth, shake your head and sternly tell them: “You AREN’T funny!” But you don’t of coarse, thank goodness.

If you have in fact been in this situation, then please listen. I can relate. It is because I am often that socially awkward person, and I have been in that situation oh so many times. I am here now to ask you to hear us out. Yes, we may be embarrassing, and difficult to speak to, but please try to understand that we are trying. Please give us credit for even going out in public.

If all else fails, try making them laugh, that's my motto.

If all else fails, try making them laugh, that's my motto.



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