“Look Out BELOW!”

One film. One film, was all it took for Macaulay Culkin to completely captivate us and forever make an impact on cinema history. Maybe it was his irreverent humor and the effortlessly cool way he carried himself amidst a world of nagging adults. Maybe it was his knack for constructing booby traps and executing contrived methods of torture towards malicious perpetrators. Or maybe it was just those insanely catchy and fun one-liners that made him a role model to all young movie-goers.

Whatever the case, one thing was for certain-Home Alone‘s standout star left an imprint on our lives, and he reached such a high state of success and impact that no child star had accomplished before, or since.

It wasn’t about the crazy amount of money he made, it was the epic legacy he created.

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At a very young age, purpose becomes one of the biggest motivators in our lives. When we are still learning our colors and memorizing the multiplication table, we are called upon to temporarily put away our preoccupations of the present and start placing focus into the future. This due to the fact, at one point in their childhood, every child is asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

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I have done it. I have fallen victim to the dangerous habit that has put a damper to many of my Internet ambitions; particularly blogging, and that is-

Procrastination, and lack of motivation. Ohhh, the horror!

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What fascinates me about traditional board games is that even in the face of increasing technological advances, they still have not lost their appeal. While many people enjoy playing virtual games on their mobile phones or firing up the 360 for a night of fun nighttime entertainment, it seems that nothing can beat the simple joy of sitting down and playing an interactive, physical game right at the table.

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In light of my previous entry, I have compiled list of songs that I personally find irresistible when it comes to catchy beats and enthusiastic dancing. These are based entirely on my own opinions, and experience. For me, whenever I hear these songs, the little “freak on the dancefloor” in me comes out, and everyone present must then bear witness to my oh-so-epic- dance moves (sarcasm! SARCASM!)

Fall in Love With Dancing, All Over Again

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P!nk and her dancing partner whip out epic dance moves  in her music video: “Raise Your Glass”. Picture Credit: Walk This Way

The physical act of dancing is considered an art, one where people are given a chance to let loose and let their personalities shine through. For some, it’s a chance to escape from troubles in life and shake away all woes. While for others, it is a chance to self-define, to prove their worth and show the world a side of them no one has ever seen before.

Dancing the night away like marionettes

It is such a beautiful moment that can enjoyed by everyone. People can have the chance to let their inner dancers transpire, and to just push all doubts aside.

Yet there is something major that is making all of this nearly impossible. And that is judgemental people.

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Okay, my sister sat me down and gave me a very serious talk about how I should resurrect this blog from the dead and breathe life into it again…Okay, she did not physically sit me down, nor did she give me a serious talk, it was more like just a comment, but you get what I mean.

I personally do not think that I am not a very good blogger. I am not that very interesting. Or talented. Or funny. And then, there is the whole factor of me not even having that many devoted followers to begin with. Which, of course, leads to the topic of this post.

Does it really matter how many friends you have?

From just observing movies, sappy cliché books, famous motivational quotes, and any group of patrons gathered at any given bar/movie theater/gas station parking lot, one can denounce that friends=happiness. Such a formula seems very true, but are friends really the only thing that can lead to such a desirable result? And, does having more friends guarantee you a better chance of being happy?

“Being Friends with Different Types of People Can Surely Lead to New & Perhaps Exciting Experiences! Right Rover?” Media Credit: Free Holiday Wallpapers on Blogspot

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